Face Up Slot Layaway

Face Up Slot Layaway

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Face up slot layaway for Rita:

$380 (includes face up slot carving, mio kit, eyechips)

Payment #1: $190 + $35 express Shipping

Payment #2: $190


A limited number of “Charon in Japan” face-up slots is open again!

*Please note currently the waiting time is around 6~8 weeks*

Hello Dolly friends, I’ve decided to open face-up slots again to fund my language study in Japan! I’ll be taking on a limited amount of this commission to fund my study. 

Over the last 10 years I’ve been working hard in different creative fields and I ended up choosing this career direction because I feel genuinely happy creating dolls. For the longest time it’s been my dream to do a short term Japanese language studies in Japan, but I’ve never set aside funding specifically for this because I’ve been so focused on paying back my student loan from my art school. 

Now that Japan might open the border again soon, I’ve started to plan how I can make my study in Japan a dream come true. In general I really enjoy creating full custom head-to-toe because I love creating themes from scratch and coming up with different fashion styling. However, I am also aware that some of you would love just the face up so that you can style the doll in your own way. So I decided to open a limited number of face-up slots and use the proceeds to go towards flights, accommodation and language school fees.

See my process on Youtube channel here

Thank you everyone for your support in my work, both collectors and non collectors, who have been so kind and supportive! Below is the information.



  • Face up Slot + no carving + Mio kit: $300
  • Face up Slot + carving + Mio kit: $375
  • Face up Slot + black skin + mocha mio kit: $415 due to the longer process.

Please contact me first if you're thinking of Dal, Isul, Taeyang and Yeolume. I will have to double check the mio kit first and get it shipped to the U.K.

Shipping will be calculated at the cart and it includes tracking, signature and insurance


Face up slots include: 

Carving (unless you choose no carving), make up, eyelashes, eyelids, signature at the back plate, the body will be mattified and lastly fashion styling tips/ advice if requested.

Once a slot is purchased, I will email you with questions to help get an idea what kind of doll you're looking for.



  • I’m open to most themes, just message me if you have any questions
  • I will only work on new blank face because sadly I don't enjoy sanding off old face up 😅
  • I could create a similar but not exact style from my previous works. 
  • When posting on social media, I would really appreciate it if you could please mention me only on the face up (and that it’s not a full custom).
  • Each face plate will be signed but not numbered.
  • No request to copy other artists' styles, thank you!
  • Once paid, I will email you a form to fill in for styling, mio kit, freckles option, etc

Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions! Xoxo, Charon