Behind the scenes (3D)

Hope you’ve been having a wonderful summer, it’s been lovely in London as it’s one of my fav seasons here. : )

We are currently in the process of producing the doll heads and would like to show you some of the behind the scenes before we reveal the final next week!

As you can see, the doll head will be in BJD style, enclosed with two magnets. The eyes will mostly likely come in glass material 18mm size and the head will fit 7-8 size wigs.

This picture shows the low-fidelity 3D print prototype. This was the first time we saw our doll design "in the flesh", so despite the weird colour it was a wonderful moment for us! Based on this 3D print we were to better judge the proportions, test different size wigs and eye chips and ensure there is a sturdy connection to the Obitsu body. I find the body proportion is so lovely with the head. It’s cute, easy to take travelling and very pose-able.

I hope this will give you more insight on our doll journey. In the last couple of weeks we've been working with our casting partners in Shenzhen, China on the production of the final, resin head. Next week we will reveal the final doll head with the face up! If you miss the previous mailing lists and news, you can now catch up on our blog. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. : )