I consider Custom Pullip dolls to be works of art. That may sound unusual, but each one is completely unique and like traditional artwork, the canvas reflects the skill, the passion and the creativity of the artist. Charon is in a category by herself with her art - she breathes into life these amazing, magical creatures that transform Pullip dolls into something I could only imagine in my dreams. To say I am a superfan is an understatement. I currently own six(!) of her custom Pullip dolls and every one of them is a different shade of the rainbow. They represent a special time in my life, and though they are each very different, there is a continuity to Charon's style that feels like a true artist collection. And aside from her incredible talent, Charon is a sweet, inspiring and compassionate human who selflessly shares her gift with others. My mother, who had the pleasure of meeting Charon in London at a doll show, recently said, "It makes sense that she creates dolls. She is one."

- Omocha Crush / Angela S.

'My Pullip Iris Mint from Charon is absolutely beautiful! I already had high expectations, when I saw this beautiful doll on her website, but her art is even more stunning in person! Not only is the doll beautifully made, everything she came with is out of the highest quality and I love that Charon is creating dolls with a certain theme in mind!

I could not be happier with my purchase and can absolutely recommend Charon Dolls with all of my heart!'


- Theri

There's one thing that you need to know about Charon dolls before anything else: If you saw a creation of hers that captured your heart, it's best to start saving for the girl before she gets adopted (happens too quickly)!

As a proud owner of a Charon doll, her custom creations are always of high quality. Communication with Charon is always seamless and shipping is quick and efficient.

- Marilyn

“I am thoroughly addicted to Charon dolls. The fact that she is a professional artist in the non-doll sense, as well, absolutely shows. Her dolls are complete masterpieces (!!). I currently own four, and I have not yet been collecting Pullips for a year. I have consistently been so pleased with Charon’s gorgeous dolls online and then just lost my ever-lovin’ mind each time I’ve seen one of her babies in person. Additionally, Charon is professional, communicative, a fast worker, and quite kind. This lady is the *Real Deal*, folks!

- L.C

My very first Pullips were also the reason I began collecting dolls. I have always loved art and have always wanted to collect unique items. When I stumbled upon Ash and Charcoal from Charon I knew I had to purchase them. I now have purchased five Pullips from Charon (in less than year - you can say it’s an addiction). Charon’s work is truly stunning. There is so much detail that goes into every doll and you can just feel how much each girl is loved. She is so professional, a very caring individual and pours her heart into her work. Not only are her dolls stunning, but the way they are packaged is like unraveling that special gift at Christmas. I am a very proud owner of multiple Charon Dolls and truly hope to continue to collect them. Charon’s work are all masterpieces and should be appreciated by all.

- Brittany