Photo of Charon

About Charon

Charon is a doll artist and customiser based in London. After working professionally as an artist, designer and fashion illustrator for over 10 years, she has found her passion in creating one-of-a-kind dolls. The journey of doll-making started as a hobby with custom Pullip back in early 2016 and since then she has produced over 100 full custom dolls that are adored by collectors from around the world.

All of the outfits, accessories and wigs are properly credited to the wonderful dressmakers and artisans. New ideas are formed through a creative process: everything from the themes, names, colours, fashion styling and details are thought through to make each one unique. To make a collector feel the joy of doll creation is an ultimate compliment! Charon’s hobbies include: tending her plants, geeking over jazz & funk music, traveling, going to museums, Japanese studies, psychology & philosophy, and last but not least bonding with Wonton.

Photo of Neil


Neil is Charon’s husband and takes care of the operations and tech behind the scenes. When he’s not working with Charon, he’s busy being co-founder of Progression. His hobbies include judo, gym, hiking and reading about tech, economy and politics.

Photo of Wonton


Wonton is our mascot! He's an African Pygmy Hedgehog born in Essex and raised in London. When he’s not helping Charon, he likes to eat, sleep and chew on dried leaves.

Photo of studio