Concept art of our first release

Half of 2019 has gone and it seems to pass by so quickly!😅

We haven’t updated any mailing list since May and today, we would like to share with you more insights on the doll itself. Many have asked me about the design and today I would like to show you the sketches and the idea behind the doll. I have a deep love for big headed dolls, hence the reason I collect and customise Pullip and Blythe. When we brainstormed what type of dolls that we will be creating, I thought it makes so much sense to create similar type of dolls. There are also other reasons why I’m going with this direction, such as the cute proportion and the easiness of traveling with them. (Yes, I travel with them everywhere! ^ ^v)

Charon at Hyper Japan

As for the facial expression, I want a doll that is authentic to my type of character, a combination of sweet and melancholic (aka deep in thought). I also adore pouty lips and puffy cheeks!

Doll head designs


After giving it a long thought, we have a winner! I find that her face fits to the description of the character that I want to create.


We’ve been working hard to make sure the 3D prototype is authentic to my concept design. Lua has been wonderful to work with and we’re really happy to have her as our 3D artist to fulfil this job. At the moment, we have sent the STL file to the casting company in Shenzhen. We decided to go with a more sustainable resin material, it costs more but better for the environment. It is important for us to make decisions that are aligned with our values even if it means an inconvenient one! As of the body, we will be using Obitsu 24 at the moment because I absolutely adore the look and the articulated joints are wonderful. Not only that, but it’s also easier for collectors to obtain and the size is nice to travel with. Although this may change in the future but so far this is what we decided with. : )

We hope this gives you a bit more insight into what we’ve been working on and that you love the design as much as we do! Do let us know your thoughts! Have a lovely week and lots of dolly hugs.