Say hello to Bon Bon!

The moment’s finally here! We can unveil the first doll design that we will be releasing soon!

Please welcome Bon Bon, a festive doll with playful a design and colours. She is a collaboration with the lovely and wonderful Joanna from The Adventures of Nina. I’ve been loving her vintage circus work for awhile (yes, it’s my soft spot ^___^).

While working on the concept, I had a lot of thoughts on what our first doll design could be, something that reflects my style with a theme that excites me. Since I adore circus theme, I thought it would be natural to have that for our first release! I also enjoy the challenge of playing around with more than 3 colours to design an overall harmonious look, hence the mix of playful pastel and the accents of bold colours.

Joanna has been working hard to create these dress sets from the concept art that I created based on the fabrics she already owned. Each piece is made with love and double tea-dyed to create a vintage look. It’s rather magical to see all of them in a bulk, they look like corps de ballet costumes!

Bon Bon will be a limited edition of 10. Once they’re all gone, we won’t be releasing them anymore. Currently we’re coming to the end of the doll head’s manufacturing process and working on the packaging design.

We haven’t decided when the pre-order date is but we will definitely send an update when we know! Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you are interested in her or have any questions. Thanks so much again for your love and support!