Our final doll head design!

We are so excited to reveal the final doll head design! We have received the head cast (with sustainable resin material) from our casting partner in Shenzhen and thought we should share it as soon as possible. I have created a neutral face up to show what the doll would look like with make up. We hope you love her as we do!

In our next newsletter, we will reveal the concept art and photos of our first design release!

Hopefully, we will be able to get the first prototype doll ready to show at Blythecon UK on October 5th. We plan to start taking online pre-orders around then too. The first release will be a limited edition of 10, meaning once they’re gone, we won’t be releasing the same design ever again. Our newsletter subscribers will be the first to know the pre-order date, pricing details and ways for payment (Paypal, layaway, etc). Stay tuned for our next newsletter! 😊