132. Lily (Commission)
132. Lily (Commission)
132. Lily (Commission)
132. Lily (Commission)
132. Lily (Commission)

132. Lily (Commission)

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132. Lily
a private commission Spring flower for Gia

- Modification: carving done on nose, nostrils and lips. Her body has been mattified.
- Hair: Two-tone by Natrume
- Eyechips by Lullaby for Dolls
- Painted eyelids 
- Dress set by Kuloft
- Basket with paper flowers and pom poms
- Big bear from Bodyline Harajuku
- Pink shoes
- Panty
- Packaging box
- 2 Polaroid pictures
- Extra gift

General disclaimer- small imperfections due to handmade nature. Please do not expect a perfect/ factory doll. : )

From a smoke-free home

For security reason, I have the right to refuse selling to potential scammers. ^ ^

Please don't hesitate to contact me for any questions including layaway play at hellocharon@gmail.com

Thank you!