Bon Bon (Edition of 10)
Bon Bon (Edition of 10)
Bon Bon (Edition of 10)
Bon Bon (Edition of 10)
Bon Bon (Edition of 10)
Bon Bon (Edition of 10)
Bon Bon (Edition of 10)
Bon Bon (Edition of 10)
Bon Bon (Edition of 10)

Bon Bon (Edition of 10)

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Please make sure you are confident with all of the information before purchasing. The doll will take around 2 weeks to be completed. Once we receive this pre-order payment, I will start with the doll. Please contact me for layaway option!

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Bon Bon full set  (limited edition of 10)

  • Resin head
  • Face up by Charon + signature
  • Strengthened Obitsu 24 + resin neck peg
  • Glass eyeballs & eyelashes
  • Pastel pink wig & silicone wig cap
  • Dress and collar, designed by me and individually hand made by The Adventures of Nina. (Due to the tea-dyed process, none of them will be exactly alike)
  • Shimmery salmon pink clown hat (also tea-dyed)
  • Socks and shoes
  • Thick bespoke packaging covered with Italian Fedrigoni papers.
  • Certificate & manual instruction 
  • 2 photos 
  • Gifts: Colourful Bunting, Charon bookmark and candies! 
General disclaimer:
Small imperfections due to handmade nature. Please do not expect a perfect/ factory doll. : )  From a smoke-free home 

For security reason, I have the right to refuse selling to potential scammers. ^ ^
Please don't hesitate to contact me for any questions on 
Thank you!
*Bespoke packaging is covered with Fedrigoni Sirio paper. Made in Italy with 100% pure ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) cellulose and hold FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification. The product is completely biodegradable and recyclable.