Speckle (commission)

Speckle (commission)

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Speckle (commission)

This is Speckle. They were born on a planet far far away. Speckle was made in a lab, by accident, by someone originally intending to make 'the fluffiest thing ever' using stolen samples from Earth. The samples for lionhead rabbit, highland cow, and white ermine moth were put into a gene mixer, but the fright of a sudden wind storm hitting the building caused a worker to drop a whole tray of human cells inside. Tubes filled with unknown glowing chemicals fell off a shelf into the device as well. Silver sparks flashed, a sizzling sound was heard, noxious vapors billowed through every room like a thick purple fog. The lead scientist rushed in and tried to stop the reaction by detaching the mixing machine's power source, chopping bolts of the equipment apart and quickly locking the still-swirling basin inside a deep freezer. The team immediately fled the area for good, telling their region's government the storm destroyed the place.

About 20 years later, the facility had degraded so much that the roof and walls had fallen in and the freezer door no longer secured. Light from a bright star found its way into the room. Speckle emerged with a terrible yawn. She later was rescued from the desolate place, found a loving family who named her Speckle, made good friends, left for Earth 'to find herself' and is living peacefully now. She's always kinda sleepy, would make a meal out of mint chip ice cream if she could, and is drawn to black and white patterns.

Because she doesn't quite know what she even is, she wears a little bandana on her head of long long wavy hair. Somedays she says it's a moth's antenna, sometimes it's to be bunny ears, and otherwise it's to mimic cow horns. People rarely can tell she's an alien. Speckle currently works at a cafe, and attends university for biology and chemistry.

- Modification: carving done on nose, nostrils and lips.
- Body is spray-painted to chocolate colour and mattified
- Hand-painted  & glitter eyelids
- Hair: high quality wig
- Eyechips by Charon
- Dress: TBA
- Headband: TBA
- Socks
- Shoes
- Packaging box
- Extra gifts

General disclaimer
Some imperfections due to handmade nature. Please do not expect a perfect/ factory doll. : )

From a smoke-free home

For security reason, I have the right to refuse selling to potential scammers. ^ ^

Please don't hesitate to contact me for any questions including layaway play at hellocharon@gmail.com

Thank you!